Thursday, 17 May 2012

Are beautiful people happier than their ugly counterparts?

This is something that is quite common in our world, we see that physically attractive people look happier than "ugly'' people. This is actually quite sad because true beauty is skin deep. Therefore I believe that your personality is what you should aim to beautify and not the outer shell. Once you can do that, you will stop seeing ugliness and instead you will be seen as beautiful because people will know you as a positive and happy person. Sometimes people are incredible gorgeous on the outside but after they open their mouths and share all the bitterness they hold within, it erases all that physical illusion. So be careful people, even if we should not neglect our appearance, caring for what is inside matters way more.

Be safe and keep smiling,
Muse of happiness


  1. there's controversy in your post, but nice post :)

  2. @ Yejee mercii :)

    @Bena Thank you <3 and yes but everything is debatable, so I guess everything is a little controversial.Also it is usually the most controversial issues which get the most attention.:P Maybe it is a little bit of posts marketing :P