Thursday, 17 May 2012

Are beautiful people happier than their ugly counterparts?

This is something that is quite common in our world, we see that physically attractive people look happier than "ugly'' people. This is actually quite sad because true beauty is skin deep. Therefore I believe that your personality is what you should aim to beautify and not the outer shell. Once you can do that, you will stop seeing ugliness and instead you will be seen as beautiful because people will know you as a positive and happy person. Sometimes people are incredible gorgeous on the outside but after they open their mouths and share all the bitterness they hold within, it erases all that physical illusion. So be careful people, even if we should not neglect our appearance, caring for what is inside matters way more.

Be safe and keep smiling,
Muse of happiness

Happiness makes you beautiful

A smile can brighten a stranger's day or enlighten your own. Beauty comes from happiness and this is why the previous posts were about feeling happy grateful and at peace. If you are at peace with yourself, then you will be happy and when you are happy, you smile and when you smile, You RADIATE beauty. It is not about having a perfect set of pearly white teeth, I know i don't have that. It is about not caring how you look when you smile because if your happiness comes from within and it is sincere, then that smile already evokes beauty. Therefore take a minute, breathe, smile and feel beautiful <3

Muse of happiness.

Friday, 20 April 2012

As Good as Gold

Down in the dust, kicked and beaten, yes that wretched feeling of humiliation!
But it is not the end, broken but never defeated.That is  how your spirit should be.
For like a phoenix,you should rise, out of the debris,
be reborn and with new-found courage let them know,
You can go as high as your soul will soar.
You are a gem, one that is being shaped and perfected every passing moment by the hands of time and wisdom.And as life keeps trying your courage and the waves of deception,anger and betrayal crash at your door,
Let the world know,you will never be defeated,for you are as good as the purest gold!

Smile and Shine,
Muse of happiness

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Counting Coins

I watch as the little glistening coins tinkle down one upon the other,they glisten like gold as I count them.
One..Two..Three,my heart fills up as more and more flow in my pocket
But you see these coins cannot be exchanged for a dollar, a euro or a rupee..for their worth extend way above monetary value.
These coins are blessings..they are the blessings one acquires by giving,sharing and loving..
These blessings are your friends,the nice things people have done for you and all the favours you have granted.
It is the all the goodness life has given you :)
I have been counting them the night sets in..and the darkness threatens to engulf  every part of this country..they remind me that feeling lucky for what I have is much better than feeling sorry for what I have lost..Count them too and see how rich you really are..For even if they may not fill an empty stomach,they can warm a frightened heart :)

Smile and Shine,
Linda <3

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ethereal Eyes

You've got eyes, to the soul
But what do you do with them ?
Do you see beyond the various transcending images that flash in front of you?
Or do you accuse,judge and classify?
We are fast to judge others while at the same time raising our voice against prejudice..
Stop! Breathe! And  look for the beauty in things..only the beauty,nothing more,nothing less
Just be the essence that beautifies everything it touches.
One can see breath-taking views through crystal clear windows..So why not clean your eyes of prejudice and harshness?For then you may see that thorns are embellished with roses instead of seeing roses drowned with thorns :)